Beloved rain! Come again…


It falls on the ground, creating a tender sound.
The sound as polite as deep slept baby’s breath
and as soft as plush wreath.
It falls on the lush, bestowing a gentle brush.
Sliding down the groove of leaves,
as if, in no rush.
It falls into the river, making it shiver.
Shiver all over,
discovering a melodious pitter-patter.
Bathing in the sunbeams, the streams scatter.
Free falling out of the rumbling haze,
it falls on my tacit face.
Rolling down my cheeks,
at a rapid pace.
Bringing to it, the divine grace.
I seize it in my palm and taste it on my lips.
A beat or two my heart skips.
A little sweet and creamy, it survived in my throat.
The delight of first rains my soul gloat.
Looking at the sky I yelled out loud,
to the loftiest cloud.
Beloved rain! Come again…

Author: Ru Tyagi
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