Alone, She Walked

Girl Walking away from him

It was time.
time for big decisions...bold steps.
she picked up her bags
collected her dreams
her hopes, her self esteem
precious moments,
memories that made her smile
she packed carefully, it took a while
and then she started walking....

Walking away...
away from him
away from them
away from the dramas
the senseless rules ..regulations
trials ... ordeals, expectations
chains and ties
sugar coated lies
away from fake smiles and superficial concerns
harsh lessons of life, with time she had learnt...
away from technology, connectivity and phones
In a direction new, destination unknown
As it was enough!

Enough of all that
all she wanted was solace, some peace
some place to call her own
maybe in a city where everyone was unknown
erase the slate and start afresh
seive all her fears through life's mesh

She didn't want to turn and see
if anyone cared
anyone dared,
to walk with her, to follow
to fill out every hollow
to love, and look deep in her soul
blend their cracks and make them whole...

And just as she expected, no one came
on her life's path, she alone played the game...
it was her journey
and she had decided
to face every meteoric trouble
that challenged and collided
she won't be bound by time or rules
she won't fall in traps, no longer a fool

The background faded
and the mist of future cleared
her path was rocky
as destination neared...
but she walked away
leaving everything behind
her needs were simple,
just peace of mind...

Author: Neeti Banga
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