My Buddy, My Father!

My father my best friend

My Buddy, my Father!
A hazy image greets my eyes,
a man looks down curiously
as my mother delivers me.
What a warm welcome!
I am his bundle of joy
wrapped in his arms.
He is my buddy, my Father!
I hold his hand taking
my first faltering step,
to my play school.
Crying out aloud
I hide behind his legs,
feeling safe in his presence.
He is my buddy, my Father!
I am a big girl, a teenager
my tantrums are a nightmare.
I bang doors, throw things
my hormones go berserk.
He greets me with a smile
watching my temper fits.
He is my buddy, my Father!
I am getting married
to the love of my life.
I walk down the aisle
with my best man.
He willingly gives my hand
his only treasure, his Princess,
wishing her a lifetime
filled with fairytale romance.
He is my buddy, my Father!
Today.. he is no more,
I live by his memories
as tears spill on my pillow.
My kids give me a hug
as I tell them his stories,
how they were pampered.
He was my buddy, my Father!

Author: Ankita Siddiqui
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