She caught him coming towards her, from the corner of her eye

She caught him coming towards her from the corner of her eye

She caught him coming towards her, from the corner of her eye.
She sensed that in his drunken state, he wouldn't pass her by.
And knowing that she'd tell him no, began to make her cringe,
for punches would come quickly, when he came home from a binge.

He wasn't such a bad sort when he stayed away from booze,
but lately, he'd been drinking like he had no more to lose!
And somehow in his stupor, disappointment, and his shame,
his twisted mind determined that his lady was to blame.

What makes a woman want to stay when love no longer reigns,
What is the glue that binds her, to this man of lies and pains?
There's something in a woman's heart that tells her to remain,
and sacrifice her dignity, in ways she can't explain.

Her friends and family try to help, but most times are ignored;
they realize she will only leave him, of her own accord.
At first, he simply broke her heart, but now he's breaking bone,
and yet, somehow she fears, that she can't live her life alone.

For love is oft times cruel, in how it stokes a hearts desire,
then turns the flames of passion, to a deadly funeral pyre!
Yet is it love that keeps her there? Is she just insecure?
Will his abuse only get worse? Could her love be the cure?

She can not find the answers, so she pays a heavy toll;
her heart absorbs the suffering, while his hate kills her soul.
She knows, deep down inside, that she is not the reason why,
he drinks himself to anger, while his life passes him by.

And so she gives in to his lust, another wretched night,
She's fooled herself so many times and lost her will to fight.
But, nonetheless, she feels the guilt and burden of their love,
Two people trapped within a cage, this rose in fisted glove!

Author: Phil Nelson
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