I looked at you, you Looked so fine

looked at you

I looked at you; you Looked so fine,
Damn Baby, You Don't Know How Glad I am that You're Mine ♥
You Are the One, Who Brought Joy Into my Life,
I Just Wanna Love You & To be Your W.i.f.e: ">
My Love For You is So, So True,
That's why I Give all My Heart to You,
You're My Lover, My Very Best Friend,
My Love for you will Never Ever End,
You're the Perfect Boy for Me,
Because I'm Your Future Wife to Be,
Every Night I Sleep I Think of You,
And All the Things We Do,
Every day I'm Awake I Think of You,
And How I'd do Anything for You,
And I Promise I'll be Strong,
To love you Even if People Think It's Wrong,
I will L.o.v.e you Always, Each and Every day,
You May Not be Here with Me... But Thoughts of You are Always in My Heart ♥
I Miss You! ♥

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