Loneliness is my friend, I cant deny

Loneliness is my friend I cant deny


From the birth till today,
Every single day i spend alone.
Alone i smile,alone i cry.
Loneliness is my friend,i cant deny.
A person walks in life,
Gives a reason to smile.
The moment i need him the most
He vanishes in a while.
My loneliness is my friend.
It never lets me be alone.
Even when i am standing in crowd,
I feel alone... still at home.
They ask for a friend
With whom they could share.
I realised it in the past,
There is only loneliness for me to care.
Sometimes i loose faith,
I feel sad,i feel broken.
When i desperately need a hug.
The pain remains unspoken.
But then i console myself.
Who says i am alone?
My loneliness is there for me.
Wherever i go,i feel at home.
Loneliness isnt bad...
Dont treat it that way.
It may bring the best out of you.
Sometimes it will be your day.
I dont need a friend.
I fear to trust any person.
This world seems to be so fake.
Everybody hurts you for no reason.
Now i have the courage to survive.
My loneliness taught me to fight.
No matter whatever comes across.
I will always stand up for my right.
Being alone i never regret.
I know i was not wrong.
When i bring smile on a stranger's face,
Being alone also feels great.
I am not alone.
I have a best friend.
The one who stands by me...
I am the only one always there for me.

Author: Neha Gore
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