Love is all about falling


There is nothing
Like getting up,
Dusting yourself,
And, walking away!
If you try to get up
You fall again
Love is all about falling!
If you touch
A burning candle
And burn your fingers,
You will never touch it again.
But, if you fall in love
And get ditched,
You want to give it another try…
At the very next opportunity!
Love is like burning coal…
It is hot
And, the heat
Is intoxicating!
Love is like fire
That burns everything down
But, it also prepares the field
For the next crop…
Once you fall in love,
There is no escape from it…
It chases you
For the rest of your life!
The hope of finding your love
At the next corner
Is so strong
That you never give up on love!
Love is like a waterfall
The higher the fall,
The greater the adventure
And, the sense of achievement!
Nobody wants to rise in love
Because when you rise in love,
It is love that takes a beating!
That’s because,…
Love is all about falling!

Author: Vincent Van Ross
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