Falling in love

Fall in love

She was busy drawing boundaries in the broken lines of fate
He was erasing them with each beautiful memory they'd create..
She was busy building walls n fences ..guarding her mind's terrain
He was building doors n windows ..her efforts were in vain
She was making dreamy sand castles, that would wash away with the waves
He was giving them foundations to last forever...their beauty he would save...
she was learning how to swim, against tides of realities that said 'No'
He was busy changing realities ,to go with her flow ..
she kept hiding away..with her cracks and flaws
Kept treading carefully, afraid of the verbal quicksand and society's jaws..
But he kept holding her hand firm and tight
Making her fears just vanish..like frightened birds they took flight
She was seeing darkness n tunnels n Pandora's box with a hole
He kept guiding her all along the path with his inner illuminated pure soul
In her heartbeats..her breath
He was part of her broken soul..
Part of her jigsawed whole
Seeing through her haze
Getting lost in her maze
He was guarding her
Possessing her
Getting lost in her
Finding himself in her
Draped in the folds of wrongs n rights she still kept pushing him away
But Unwrapping her..unveiling her, he kissed her lips..he was here to stay
Her voices were silenced lips were sealed
Emotional gems were treasures waiting to be revealed
Sheltering her,he held her close..offering solace from the forces above.
She surrendered to a heart so pure
How could she stop herself from falling in love?

Author: Neeti Banga
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