If you have to sit there and write again and again

writing again and again

If you have to sit there and...
Write again and again
There would be hordes of things
Coming my way...
Chewing the pencil stubs
Tapping my head for fuse to charge
Waiting for that bulb to light in the dark
Doodling my pen on some caricature
Tearing papers one after another
Filling the bins to its topmost rims
Drinking pots of tea for rejuvenation
Filling up the belly with munchy crunch
And if that was not yet enough
Would try another trick, hit the pillow
Take a snooze, enter the dream world.
Then suddenly wake up with a start
Refreshed and loaded with thoughts
Excited to pour on paper, the very next shot
Just like we rush to drink our tequila shots!
Then nothing can stop us , want to dare us?
Let's lay a hundred rupees bet on that!

Author: Kiren Babal
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