Self-taken Promise

Promise to my self

Hey my life
Whisper in my ear
A voice that I
Haven't heard before
A warmth that rules my senses
Disabling them ecstatically
Bounding me to get freeze
Turning me pale, turning me blue

Takes me to another world
A world of fantasy
A world of joy & laughters that seems real
A world of harmony between two souls
A world, a sky
That was new to me

And I, holding his finger
Stepping unconciously on the
White marble stairs
Shining like pearls
Making your view blurry

I all dressed in a Princess costume
A black net gown rolling on the floor
Giving a crazy thought to my intentions
That I'm more worthy than this earth
My hair singing their own freedom
But I'm moving with a magical flow
Putting my trust into that magical hand,
That one soul,
That one strong body,
That one voice,
A voice, a command
Kneeded in deep love

Suddenly I hear an echo
Where am I going?
What am I upto?
Why my sensations feel so dead?
And my wisdom all slept?
Who is he? Where is he from?
Why is he here, with me?
I pause.....

Oh my God! Suddenly my body groans
With a pain that is so fierce
And I'm bending down
And down & down
I break, my confidence break
My pride goes shattered. .....

This time my voice empowered me
Strong and high
Cracking me gradually
Falling me down
Helplessly my soul
Bitters in an unseen cage
Screaming & mourning with grieve
To stay right here
For that world belongs to me

But some invisible power
Pulls me back
Ignoring how much pain it is giving to me
My body is weak, merely dead
But it posses no care,
Except a force, a command to rule over me.....

Suddenly that power takes a voice
Yelling insanely onto me
Saying, " Return with me,
For this world is no mean to u,
Join that world to death,
From where you came".

And my numb eyes shine light with a hope
Of help,of right, of command
To that one hand, an ironic body
But he's quiet
Calm like an ocean
Dark like a night
Still like an ice
And I'm waiting for him to speak up
To take his command
Hold me firmly with an ironic strength
To take me along
To the world of stars
A galaxy of love
Passing across the milky way
Of care & need....
A need of me to him
But he's still
Still like a manikin

And I'm ruthlessly being rolled over floor
Going with that harsh invisible power,
To the world, I'm not a part of.....

Leaving my belongings,
My soul, myself
Onto those pearly stairs
Making him the guardian
Assuming a Self-taken Promise
To be a part of his world
And starry skies soon!!!!!

Author: Shanze Aatif
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